Wednesday, October 6, 2010

थोड़ी देर ....

चलो . . . ! ! !
थोड़ी देर . . .
साथ रहें !

एक दूसरे को फोन करें
 हैलो भी ना बोलें ।

बहुत देर तक
चुप रहें . . .

और बिना  कुछ कहे
हल्की सी सांस छोड़
फोन रख दें ।

इतनी दूर होकर भी
चलो . . .! ! !
 थोड़ी देर
साथ रहें !


  1. Great........the way and suggestion of just having a feeling and touch of our loved one in such modern and techno-freak style is appreciatable. The rhythm and cadence is to the expectation.The poet is not writing but the situation compelled him to write. On the whole your objectivity is questionable. A poem of your usual style and in the very usual manner it touched me.
    A Big Hand to You!

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  3. शब्दों के बीच की खामोशी पढ़ी . कविता वहीँ है. बधाई .